SPRAVATO® services offered in Dublin, OH


Spravato® is an FDA-approved nasal spray that can rapidly relieve treatment-resistant depression and suicidal thoughts. At Ketamine Health & Wellness Clinics of Ohio, located in Dublin, Ohio, a team of mental health specialists offers Spravato treatment conveniently in the office in a private, calming setting. Treatment is supervised by an on-staff psychiatrist. Call the office or book your appointment via online scheduling now.


What is Spravato®?

Spravato (esketamine) is a prescription nasal spray for depression and suicidal ideation. It’s derived from ketamine, a drug that’s administered intranasally to get rapid symptom relief of symptoms.

Spravato works by boosting the neurotransmitters that affect your mood, particularly glutamate. It also helps regrow dormant and damaged brain connections. This targets the source of your depression to provide the relief you need. 

Who may need Spravato?

Spravato is for people who have tried two or more approaches to depression without success or long-term relief. This includes antidepressants, psychotherapy, and alternative therapies like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). 

The medication is taken along with an antidepressant. Before your first Spravato dose, the team carefully reviews your medical history and current situation to make sure the medication is right for your needs. 

How do you take Spravato?

You administer the treatment yourself under the close guidance of the Ketamine Health & Wellness Clinics of Ohio team. The team then walks you through the treatment. 

After blowing your nose, you tilt your head at a 45° angle and spray once into each nostril. The Spravato dispenser has indicators that show when the full dose is administered. You sniff lightly after each dose to help keep the medication from trickling down. 

Following your treatment, you’ll rest for two hours in the office. The team encourages you to wear eye shades, listen to relaxing music, and focus inward during that time. They observe you during this time to check for any possible side effects or other issues and monitor your vital signs regularly. 

The treatment schedule includes two treatments a week for the first month, followed by one treatment a week for the next month. You may need ongoing treatment to reach your goals and get adequate symptom relief, so the team customizes a plan for you and collaborates with your other mental health providers. 

When can I expect results from Spravato?

In studies, some people experienced a significant relief of depression symptoms as early as 24 hours after treatment. A majority of patients who followed the standard treatment course continued to improve over the next month. People who continued their Spravato therapy had a much lower risk of depression recurrence than those who were taking only antidepressants. New research has also shown that Spravato plus and antidepressant is more effective than taking an antipsychotic with an antidepressant, with far fewer side effects.

To learn more about Spravato, call Ketamine Health & Wellness Clinics of Ohio or book your appointment online now.